1928 Model ‘A’ Ford


Owned by Gordon and Dellis  Whittakerwh

In 1979 the Whittakers drove the A model to Weipa. A group of fifteen cars left Gladstone and the round trip took three weeks. The only mechanical repairs to the Ford was a flat tyre ( although Gordon did mention a Quite serious incident that resulted in the loss of a full bottle of rum)

In Biloela some 5 years ago the Ford sprung a leak, and water gushed out of the head. It happens that the dip stick (New guinea soft wood) was handy, so a section was cut off using Gordon’s handy ‘Solly’s’ $4.50 pocket knife. Gordon poked the cut off section of the dip stick into the hole and tapped it in with the same knife.

I asked Gordon if it was OK to write that in our Annual Magazine, and he said “Everybody knows it is there by now”

( well the whole world will find out from here)

It was about this point that Gordon pulled out the said pocket knife, and while demonstrating how sharp the lift out scissors were. . . Cut his Finger.



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