Home made “hot air engine

Built and owned by  George Zvirgzdins

This is a home made hot air engine,  based on the Heinrici design

The Heinrici brothers of Zwickau, Germany used to manufacture this type of engine about the turn of the century.

These engines were hopelessly inefficient, but were extremely reliable, quiet and required little maintenance.

Always a crowd favourite on Club
Engine Running Days
Built and owned by 
George Zvirgzdins
They were used for a number of light-duty tasks such as fans, pumps and petrol air gas blowers.
A far more efficient, improved design, with tandem pistons in a single cylinder, was produced later but succumbed to the rise of the electric motor.

This engine was made from scrap materials to hand merely for fun and to prove the principle.  The improved version is currently on the drawing board and will be operational in about six months’ time
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