1924 ‘T’ Model Ford

oz-20001924 ‘T’ Model Ford  Entry number 6 Driver George Schoenauer

Navigator Chris Schoenauer.


You could say my life started in the foundry. I do not care to think about what happened before that day but on 31st March 1924 I distinctly remember being extremely hot. When I cooled down I was the engine block of a Model T Ford.

Someone came along and hit me on the side with some sharp instrument and I became known as number C 481771.   My memory is a bit fuzzy around that time however I recall being placed in a chassis with some other parts and then started up and driven out into a yard with hundreds of my peers.   After a while I took stock of the situation and noted that I was not getting a body, but instead I was loaded in a crate and put on a boat bound for Australia. I eventually ended up in Adelaide at a local Ford distributor called Duncan Motors where under their guidance I was fitted with a runabout body. Boy I was proud.





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