1965 Jaguar 3.8L S Type Saloon,

owned by
Laurie and Sue Pearce. Middlemount.
Laurie and Sue managed to visit the Browns Plain Plant while in the U.K. in 1993. (The plant was only three weeks into production after Its major overhaul/refit)

    After  returning, Laurie decided he would like to take on a simple restoration

Project.  The Photo above shows the Jaguar as it turned up.  Simple was not the aptest word

Laurie had originally been looking for a 3.8 Litre mark11 but settled for “STANLEY” 3.8 ‘s’ (Stanley S Type)

The car was bought from Brisbane, But it had gone to Brisbane from Gladstone and before that, Biloela – So it would seem it’s destined to stay in

Central Queensland


Photo Right ‘Wiring Harness’ (Looks simple)

    A bit over three years saw it reshape to the general stage it’s at presently, and  Laurie is “Still mucking about with a coupla fiddly things”  It is basically complete.

   There has been a number of little glitches along the way, and Laurie says, “being in the Jag Club, with expert advice to call on, is a must” his undying Gratitude goes to Max Parnell of the Capricorn Register for his invaluable help and support.  Also to never  forget to have the family on-side

(Most importantly, ” She who must be obeyed”)  Sue and Laurie’s three sons put up with a lot and helped accomplish much.

Photo right

Laurie’s Father got “Stuck into the woodwork”   The woodwork needed a darker than the original stain to try and hide the damage done by the original owners.

1965 Jaguar 3.8L ‘s’ type PHOTO ABOVE Installing the engine
“Having friends with panel beating and spray painting skills helps too, although when you are not paying “top dollar,” you learn to be patient”

All in all, Laurie is very satisfied with his first attempt at restoring a car. He says, “It proves that virtually anybody game enough to tackle this type of project – Be in a car club and line up your Friends and practice counting to ten a lot”

PhotoThe engine

1965 3.8  ‘s’ type 3.8 litre engine Rebuilt by Tony Wolzar of Mackay Original “DG” Auto Rebuilt by Vic Hyde of Rockhampton Electric’s changed to negative earth sometime before Laurie acquired vehicle Painted in an 80s Jaguar colour Grenadier Red

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