Bradford Engine

Owner :

Wayne Jensen, Biloela

This engine was manufactured by Bradford Gas Engine Cp Ltd at Shiply, Yorkshire, UK.  Not a commonly found engine.

The engine was redesigned in  1928, and this engine lasted for 26 years.  It was one of the first engines to have an enclosed crankcase. This engine was also made for other companies.

Serial no: 11 988 and placed at the end of the crankshaft.

Water cooled from a hopper, Power approx 2 HP

The bore of 7″  stroke of 4″

Magneto Ignition Wico type ‘EK’ No E79633. Made by Wiko Electric Company, Perivale Middlesex, England

Engine designed to start on petrol and then to run on kerosene.

Purchased from Les Maluga, Ambrose, June 1997

Gladstone Vintage  & Classic Car  Club  Inc

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