1958 Ford Zephyr Six

picture11958 Ford Zephyr Six owned by Ken Whittaker


Ken bought the Zephyr locally on 8/8/1990, it was fully registered but it was sold to him as an unregistered vehicle, but that caused no problems . Two tyres , a quick repair to one of the shockies and some tramp rod bushes and she was ready to pass the roadworthy.

The body is still in original condition, the motor and gearbox is out of a mark 3, ( a more powerful motor) . This takes it up from 86 B.H.P. to 113 B.H.P. and gives it a four speed gear box. The only other difference from the original are a set of mag wheels and the grille from a Zodiac. But that is enough to change its appearance from a standard mark 2

Ken has recently added a Zephyr Wagon to his collection, it was in a pretty unloved state when last seen but it will be getting some attention soon.

Hopefully it will be here soon.

This Photo was Taken by Bill Swindells at the Calliope market, The Clyde hotel is in the background.



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