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1949 Austin A40

11949 Austin A40 owned by John and Jenny Hinde’s –


When John, Natalie, Timothy and Cassie, all jump into the Austin and Jenny throws in the picnic basket, and the folding table there is  not a lot of space.  But with the Essex ( see photo below) with a top speed of “Plod” it is not surprising that they use the  Austin for out of town rallies


The Austin and the Hinde’s have rallied to Bundaberg several times, Biloela, Monto and over Easter the Austin rally in Rockhampton. In the Austin’s over Australia Rally in Toowoomba.
John says the Austin is pretty much original and “Exactly what would expect of a British car of that era” (whatever that means..)
Before John got the Austin in 1993 it had spent most of its life in Baralba near Moura, it had spent some 20 years in a shed.
This car was built in 1949. After September 1949 the A40 Devon’s were fitted with quarter vent windows in the front doors The previous A40s had a B shaped bumper with one piece front side windows

An extensive restoration to the Devon was  completed in May 1994. This was a good thing because somewhere hidden away at the end of the Hindes shed is a sad and incomplete Austin A40 Tourer, the Devon was bought as a source of spare parts. Looking at the Devon now one would be inclined to think it would have been a sin to have dismantle it
In the meantime the A40 Tourer awaits its turn.


I have always had a wonderful memory. when I say “wonderful memory” what I really mean is that I rarely if ever recall horrible things like the weather. I never recall cold or frosty mornings, or even 24 hours of anything dull or boring that might have happened before or after a memorable event, the happy result being all my life's memories are wonderful. Peculiar as it may sound to anyone who might be reading this, I have absolutely marvelous memories that range from breaking one or more of my bones to hanging upside down from an upper branch of an Oak tree with my ankle wedged between two branches. I have heard stories about people that have totally removed from their recollection painful events that had previously occurred in their life. I can believe this because at this precise moment I can recall nothing that was not absolutely wonderful. If by chance I have ever blocked out anything painful I would consider this possibility to be just another wonderful thing. I intend to Blog about my friends and memories on these pages.

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  1. My mums auntie had one of these given to her in the early 1960s. I loved it as it had a woodgrain dash (painted metal), leather seats, a radio(!), fan-boosted heater, and twin seats instead of a bench in the front. Unfortunately as it was getting unreliable it was traded in January 1967 for a Morris 1100.

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