A poem of discontent.

A friend asked my thoughts on the Ukraine-Russia conflict. I have an opinion on every topic. But this question stumped me. It has taken me two days to answer this question. My response is below.

The Tear In My Eye

I ask myself whether the whole damn world has gone crazy.
Is civilization really “An advanced state of social development”?
Or just a dog-eat-dog world, where the biggest and fattest of hounds are not hungry, just greedy for fatness and lazy
And Me? Observing silently. As if all that I see is unclearly obscured or hazy,
find me scribbling a few words of protest. That merely confirms my own recognized reality. It is detached and unaccepting.
The horrors I see, Observe and understand do not phase me.
I am just a tiny dog, I accept my position, and it does not amaze me That I have adopted the “I’m all right, jack”. you can re-phrase me
So I live with some tears on my face, For without the ability to cry
I fear this absurdness’ would crush and erase me.

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