1915 ‘T’ Model Ford

 oz-20001915 ‘T’ Model Ford   entry number 15 Driver Gavin Pocock Navigator Karen Pocock



Car of the Month From BVAC Newsletter ‘Vintage Views’

The car of the Month belongs to Warren and Maurine Pockock.  The remains of this car were found In the country town of Tara  in 1966. This restoration took seven years costing  approximately $800.   Model; ‘T’ Ford Runabout


Club: Brisbane Vintage Auto Club (Inc)

Gavin had to chisel the original pistons from the block and had sleeves machined for the middle two. He poured his own middle main in white metal and hand scraped it to suit, all the others are still original. The radiator, aluminum bonnet, rear mudguard, doors and boot section have been made from many patterns and photos. Maurine, apart from putting up with Warren restoring his pride and joy, made the hood and upholstered the seats in the backyard.

The first rally the car went on was in 1975 for the Celebration of 50 years of Ford in Australia, in an unfinished state. 1976 saw the first rally in a completed state and it is still going strong today. Maybe not as bright and shiny as back then but just as reliable.

Today the car is rallied by Gavin and Karen Pockock who have recently returned from the Barossa Valley, SA after a T Ford Rally with 175 other cars (or shall we say cranks)


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