1958 Jaguar 2.4 Mark 1 Saloon

1958 Jaguar

2.4 Mark 1 Saloon Restoration Project

Owned by Chris Shaw Gladstone

n 1955, Mark 1 saloon, which was relatively small, was launched. It was the first “monocoque” or unibody car from the Jaguar Company. Mark 1 Jaguar car used a 2.4L, a short-stroke version of Engine XK.

The car was improved in 1959. Jaguar Company made the new version with wider windows and a larger engine.

The XK series engine of Mark I are the XKR and XK8. A British Jaguar automaker has produced them since 1997. The XK8 engine was the first 8-cylinder car produced by Jaguar when the engine AJ-V8 Jaguar was launched.

The XK series engines of Mark I are limited to a top speed of 250 km/h or 155 mph. And through the years, the XK8 engine changed the company’s direction and produced the X-type and S-type engines.
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