1954 Austin A40 Somerset

11954 Austin A40 Somerset       owned by Rob and Sylvia Charles –


Rob and Sylvia Charles 1954 Austin A40Somerset

This  Somerset began its life in Australia by being off-loaded from a ship in Sydney  in October 1954.

Thirty seven of them were “Shanghaied” while on the way to New Zealand. Somehow it ended up in a showroom for G&D Motors in Toowoomba where it was sold to Thomas Young of Amby for the sum of Eight hundred and sixty five pounds on the 5th of November 1954. It stayed on and around the farm at Amby for close to forty years until it was traded in on a Chevrolet after Thomas Young passed away. Rob Charles swapped a $ wheel drive Japanese Jeep for it.
Rob repaired the front end, replaced a couple of valves, replaced a little upholstery, and slapped on a coat of paint. A totally original car apart from a new radio and the above mentioned.

( Recent work includes (from memory ) a new head Gasket…….Tubby)

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