1927 Whippet Roadster

picture41927 Whippet Roadster:

When these images were first posted  the owner was Currently  detailing out the new motor in the Whippet.   Building  a new motor for it over the last few years to replace the original one that was badly fatigue cracked in the block. It is now running very well, with a little fine tuning left to complete. Some cosmetic work remains, then I will be happy.

willyAs part of the collection of spare parts his  father sold to him with the roadster some years previous, he  received a 1926 Whippet Touring chassis in basket case status. Research of the serial numbers on the frame and engine block showed this car to have been an early Whippet. He  currently have plans to restore this with a touring body as they are pretty ra re here in the U.S. This car is based in Ohio USA –  at the time  first posted  more details on this car  could be found here

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