Do It Yourself Sheet Vinyl

A small educational and reference book (74 pages)

written by Pat Davis, a veteran floor layer. This small book offers the basic instruction and learning tools that any layer of domestic sheet vinyl to understand and practise. It also provides the basic techniques and methods that become the base that will progress to mastery of the trade.

The knowledge and understanding of the lessons taught will guide the reader beyond basic and elementary mistakes.

Every sheet Vinyl layer a[rentice requires a safe and secure starting point.

The Book “DO IT YOURSELF: LAT YOUR OWN SHEET VINYL FLOOR” is the safe starting point.

Recent studies show that more people now attempt tasks that were previously confined to specialised
trades. These handy D.I.Y. people attempt and succeed every day in creating, building, writing, repairing, trying, and successfully completing tasks that had previously been in the domain of professionals. Undoubtedly, many handy people have a range of personal requirements, skills, and the opportunity to do it themselves but fear that they lack the skills, knowledge, or specialised tools. This book demonstrates that this fear is unnecessary. With a few simple tools with a bit of practice and assistance from 50 years of experience as a floor covering professional at hand, you can undoubtedly surprise yourself. Often, these specialised tools are merely adopted to save time. The most crucial professional function is to save time. The hidden truth is that you are simply paying for YOUR OWN TIME saved in many circumstances.

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The book illustrates some do-it-yourself teaching tools, easily made so that the reader can practise on scrap vinyl until perfection in successful cutting in of all and every odd angle.

The image below shows the area chosen. This Bathroom shower and laundry area Is every DIY sheet vinyl layers nightmare. It has all the problems of working in cramped areas.

Image left, Foolproof cutting

The photo above shows the writer standing on a folded piece of sheet vinyl.

The new felt-backed types of vinyl don’t scratch the paint on the wall and lay flat naturally when allowed to rest in place.

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