1960 Vauxhall Cresta


Ron and Joy Capils  1960 PAY Vauxhall Cresta


The PC Model was launched at Earls Court Motor Show in October 1965 as a Cresta and Cresta Deluxe. The Viscount, the most luxurious Vauxhall of the period, was introduced in 1965. Standard fitment included individual reclining front seats, leather upholstery, power windows, vinyl roof, heated rear window and power steering.

The engine is a six-cylinder (3.3 litres) 8.5:1 compression ratio. OHV with Zenith carburettor, and develops 124 bhp (net) at 4600 rpm and 174 lb of torque at 2400 rpm.

Various Transmissions were available during the models run. Initially, the two-speed Powerglide was standard with a four-speed manual as an option. From late 1970 the GM 3 speed automatic replaced the Powerglide. (this was the European equivalent to the Holden Trimatic). The suspension is by coil springs, wishbones and anti-roll bars at the front, with a live axle half elliptic leaf springs and a radius arm at the rear.

This particular example is in original condition, has had two previous owners, and only 55000 miles. It was a New Zealand new import, first registered on 1st march 1971.

Ron and Joy brought this car to Australia in March 1966.

The PC Vauxhall was a popular model in New Zealand, with the basic Cresta being assembled by General Motors. All Cresta Deluxe and Viscount models were imported fully assembled from the Luton factory in England. An Estate model was also available in the UK. But unaware if any going to New Zealand..

The PC continued in production until late 1972. No changes were made to the body were made during the 7 years of production, however, some minor mechanical trim and fittings did occur. In Total, 53,012 Cresta’s were produced and 7,025 Viscounts.

The PC was not replaced in Vauxhalls model range until 1978 when the Viscount Royale was released. This was a re-badged Opel Senator.

Vauxhall Motors is now an assembler of GM designs, mainly Opels. A number of them are identical to the current imported Holden Models.

There are 19 PC model Vauxhalls currently registered with the Vauxhall owners Club of Australia.

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