1949 MGA

oz-20001949 MGA  –   I failed to get details on this entrant

The MGA  is one of the  easiest  to recognise sporty car of  the fifties.   It was from the outset a very pretty car.  Elvis Presley  thought it extremely attractive and the one he owned is still parked  at Graceland.

Three MGA prototypes were entered in the 24 hour  LeMans  of  1955 “The grand prix of endurance  and efficiency ”  one of the cars crashed and the other two came in 12th and 17th .   This  success probably accounted for the great success the MGA had as an export model  Over 100.00 cars were built, the British  sold under 6.000  in the home market.

MGA 1955 to 1962  Extremely collectable,  early models highly sought


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