1952 Chevrolet

bundy1952 Chevrolet owned by Merv and Betty Recow

                   picture5                                                                                                            This Chevrolet is an Australian assembled car with a Holden body. It varies a little from the US version, the most obvious difference being the boot.



One thought on “1952 Chevrolet

  1. I just love these as I used to have a 52 “ute”. It only had 19,000 miles on ot when sold in the late 80s. I went from that to a Chrysler Royal AP2 ute & the power certainly went up, but the carrying capacity sure went DOWN – by around 50%! There was no way I could get 1.5 tons of dirt/garden soil into the Chrysler like I used to be able to do with the Chev!

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