Ronaldson – Tippett Type N

Petrol/kero three hp 900 rpm
Ronaldson-Tippett (also known as the Ronaldson Brothers and Tippett company) is one of the more renowned engineering companies in the world during the early 1900s–and it remains to be one of the pioneers in the field despite the numerous companies before and after it. Before it dabbled in making engines, it made cast irons and other similar products. However, once it released the Ronaldson Tippett Type N, it became one of the significant makers of engines in the world until the latter part of the century.

The engine that catapulted them into fame is none other than the Ronaldson Tippett Type N. Considered to be among the more reliable machines at that point, it had that air of ruggedness that marked earlier Ronaldson-Tippett engines. Of course, the ruggedness also kept the engine’s durability, something the company had been known for since the Type N. Like some of the succeeding machines of the company, the Type N is a tank-cooled engine made in both kerosene and petrol models. Its horsepower varies from the modest two to the impressive four. While not among the most potent engines, it was an innovation (it had a combined intake and exhaust manifold–a first during the time). The Ronaldson Tippett Type N is indeed an engine that sets the standards of the esteemed Australian company. 

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