1997 Jaguar XK8 coupe..

1997 Jaguar XK8 coupe…Owned by Vic Hyde. Rockhampton.

The XK8 and XKR are known as the XK series of Jaguar Cars. They are the “grand tourer” by the “British” automaker Jaguar of the 1997 Jaguar model year. The XK series replaces XJS and are available as a convertible or coupe.

Currently, in their second generation, the XK8 series was the first 8-cylinder vehicle that was produced by Jaguar Cars. They even have a 390 hp-supercharged engine or a natural aspirated 290 hp or 213 KW engine.
. The “first generation” XK series shares its flat form with the “Aston Martin DB7”. Both model cars are inspired by the XJS Jaguar, although the main difference is the platform, which has been changed extensively.

In terms of performance and power, both model XKR and XK8 are limited to a 155 mph or 250-km/h tops speed. Their computer governor provides them a lower “top speed” than the car they replaced.

X-Type and S – Type is the alternative model of XK8. In addition, there are several limited editions of “XKR” convertibles and coupes have been produced that marked the important historical events of Jaguar’s Cars.

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