1965 Ford Zodiac Mk III


1965 Ford Zodiac Mk III –  2.5 litre colour Green  This car was previously part of the Yorkshire car collection on display at Keithley and Hornsea . The car has done over 100000 miles and is mainly un-restored.  The car has appeared in the TV series Heartbeat.


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The Ford Y engine was 933cc  and managed around  8 horsepower.  During this early period at  Dagenham Ford  restricted itself to the English  production of small engines in small cars, Ford Anglia and the Prefect. The Prefect having the larger motor 1.172, side valve. And the Anglia received the bigger motor in 1949.        During  this same period Ford assembled American models with V8 engines.

Ford   Anglia   1939 to 1953 production  166.864

Ford  Prefect   1939 to 1953 production  379,339




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