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Aromat the Farten Hound

A bedtime story for Children that like fart jokes. Written especially to be told at bedtime by a parent with a magic voice, the ability to make the sound of a trumpet, a bird singing


Chapter 0ne Introducing Aromat. Five amazing things that Farten Hounds can do using their unique Colour Glands. Scent Glands and the amazing ability to mimic any sound, from a trumpet to a bird song, using their fantastic Anal muscle abilities. With the added peculiarity of being able to eat a trailer load of food in one sitting.

A story for Boys and Girls that like rude things, secrets, and words like Poo and Fart. For many children, these are the funniest things in the storyland.

  • Chapter one – Introducing Aromat.
  • Chapter two – Aromat and the Sausage Factory.
  • Chapter three – The River Rescue.
  • Chapter four – Aromat and the Rodeo.
  • Chapter five – The Baloon.
  • Chapter six – The Realy Lovely Wedding.

This story contains around forty fun drawings


Once the stories are told, the reader (parent) understands Aromat. And Mums and Dads create more stories about Aromat every day of the week.


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5.0 out of 5 stars great kids and adult book lolReviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 April 2018

Verified Purchase

awesome book. My grandkids loved it. Quality time and good to have a laugh together. Definitely encourages reading


Tony walters

5.0 out of 5 stars. Made to be read as bedtime stories. Reviewed in the United States on 18 January 2022

Verified Purchase

It is imaginative, funny, and fun to read


Top review from Australia

Tony walters

5.0 out of 5 stars. Every kid wants a dog like this

Reviewed in Australia on 3 July 2021

Verified Purchase

Short stories, Ideal to read at bedtime.

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