1962 Mark 11 2.4 litre Jaguar,

Owned by  – Les and Delma Clarke Nth Rockhampton

An original vehicle in Cotswold blue, Les tells me that the 2.4 was the smallest Mark 11 ever made (125 BHP)

The Mark II Jaguar is a small saloon car by US standards. It is a well-known car that was driven by the fictional TV detective “Inspector Morse” played by Mr John Thaw. The Mark II series adhered to the grace, space and pace”, which is also a conventionally fast, capable, and beautiful saloon car. It has a 2.4-litre straight 6-cylinder engine. The head of the 4.2 engines in type E was significantly different. This is to accommodate larger valves of the car.

The 2.4 engines were fitted with “twin solexes” of which three were used in the US specification 3.8s and 3.4s in order to meet “SMOG” emissions legislation. However, this reduced the performance over the equivalent “S.U.” carburettors examples.

Mark II gained a reputation for transcending the borders of breeding and class in the 60s. This breaks down the barriers in the name of good taste, which has enough room for five men and a big boot for the loot or bodies.

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