1961 Austin Healy Sprite

11961 Austin Healy Sprite  Owned by  Ian Sanderson and  Jill Mcleod. Gladstone. –


The  Mark II Sprite  replaced the Frogeye Sprite but  continued with the same 948 cc power plant but updated with a larger ltwin 1 1/4 inch SU carburetors – upgrading the power a bit. I think you need to British to understand and appreciate the increase  power to 46.5 bhp. It included a close ratio gearbox.

The Old  Frogeye styling was dumped. And the headlights moved  to where they work better.  The Land Rover had similar centered headlight . .   This styling was to be a basis for the new MGB.  Nether the less 948 cc proved to be ample power for British country roads, and this was a great fun car,  affordable for many young couples with a flair for picnics in the country site in good weather.

On a good day, a top speed of a bit over eighty mile an hour could be reached.  In 1961 with the handing of cars of that era,  one did need to be a fairly competent driver to risk it.   One of the great British Fun cars..




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