1965 Jaguar Mark 10 Saloon

1965 Jaguar Mark 10 Saloon…

.Owned by Col Vern Yeppoon.

Jaguar Mark 10 was the largest saloon car that the British Jaguar manufacturer built. It is known as the widest production that Jaguar Cars ever produced. It even succeeded the Jaguar Mark IX.

The “suspension” was independent all around with “coil springs” at the front. Two engine sizes were offered with “3781” cc until “1964” when the larger “4235” cc unit took over. 
Automatic transmission and manual with overdrive were options, but most cars left the factory with the “automatic choice of box”.

The Daimler DS420 was a relative model of the Mark 10 Jaguar. This type of car was manufactured from 1961 to 1970. Productions have 3.8 litres, 420 G, and 4.2 litres. Jaguar XJ6 is the successor of the Mark X Jaguar. The wheelbase has 120 inches, 3050 mm, and the length has 202 inches, or 5130 mm. Jaguar Mark X saloon has a width of 76 inches or 1930 mm and a curb weight of 4,200 lb or 1,860 kg.

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