Cooper Type XC  Two stand shearing plant

Three horsepower 900 rpm

The Cooper Type XC Sheering Stand was created by the C and G Cooper Company–currently known as the Cooper Industries. Founded in 1833, it is perhaps one of the few engineering pioneers that exist today. Of course, the company has changed drastically. During its foundation, it had a horse-powered foundry–ironic, considering how it invented some of the most impressive engines in history in the 20th century. The Cooper Type XC Sheering Stand, a three horsepower, 900 rpm engine, is one of these 20th-century creations, and it stands out even until today due to its power (a 900 rpm engine can be considered excellent at that point, especially when you compare it to the less technically powerful ones in the market).

In any case, the Cooper Type XC Sheering Stand is perhaps also a good sign to look at when considering the range of products C & G Cooper Company has delved into. They went into the hand tool business and even aircraft maintenance. Today, the parent company has several divisions: Cooper Tools, Cooper Lighting, and Cooper Wiring Devices, among many others. And while the company isn’t directly involved in engineering and producing state-of-the-art engines, this business superiority has proven Cooper Industries a worthy part of engineering history.   

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