1937 Buick 8/40 Sedan


Brisbane Vintage Auto Club inc Car of The Month   September 1995

The car of the Month belongs to Jack Wilkinson. This car started life in Nowra, a small coastal town in southern N.S.W. In 1937 when it was in  daily use  until the early 1950’s. The car was then sold to a dealer. The next part of the cars history was lost until it found its way to Caloundra where once again it was used on a regular basis until the mid 1970’s when it finally tired and was retired.

Stage two started in the late 1980’s when it was purchased by the principle restorer. Although the car was complete, all mechanical components were in need of a major overhaul except the differential.

The interior needed a complete re-trim as the inhabitants of its resting years were none to kind (yes, it was used as a chook house) The body was also in need of hard panel work

Although it was fairly free of rust for a coastal car. With most major work completed the cart was offered for sale to a good home. Jack Wilkinson purchased the car in 1993 with only a small amount of finishing to be done.




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