I’m pointing myself nowhere

It is easier following footsteps when the toe prints at the front.

Unless you’re quite adept at going backwards, but I’m not.

Backward facing footprints always head to where they’ve been

I could have even travelled there. Maybe I just forgot.


I doubt that I will ever pace a path that’s not been trod before

And If ever get there I will surely be surprised.

I might just take a pile of wood and tools to build a door.

Then lock the thing behind me, Locked in my own demise.

But knowing how I travel, I will probably lose the key.

And lock myself in somewhere nobody else will ever go.

Then maybe I will realize the stupidity that’s me.

Then likely lose myself to death, and no one else will know.

Bugger, Bugger everything, I am staying on the Highway.

I have never known quite where I am, plus I’m regularly Lost.

I’m better suited more to never doing things my own way.

I’m a ‘go in circles’ type of guy, but I can’t afford the cost.

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