1969 Jaguar 4.21 E Type 2 plus 2

Owned By Chris and Della Kyte. Gladstone

1969 Jaguar 4.21 E Type 2 Plus 2

The “Sports Car International” is considered the E type, also known as the XK-E type of Jaguar, as one of the lists of “Top Sports Cars of the 60s” in 2004. This type of Jaguar was manufactured between “1961” and “1974”. It was designed as an E-typed revolutionized sports car with high performance and looks ahead of time.

Several variants of this Jaguar car were produced from 1961 to 1974. However, All Type E has the same feature of a fully independent suspension to improve the handling and the ride with power-assisted “disc brakes” on all four wheels.

In 1966, a 2 plus 2 version of the coupe was added. This type of Jaguar offered an automatic transmission. The roof angles differ, and the body is slightly longer than other Jaguar car models. The roadster remained a strict two-seater.

The series II has an open headlight without the glass covers, which earlier cars had problems with misting despite the gaskets, a “wrap-around” rear bumper, and larger and repositioned front indicators below the bumpers are the taillights. It has better cooling, aided by an “enlarged” mouth and twin electric fans. The series 2 have the hallmark of the uprated brakes.

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