Advertising characters

Ready-made – full-size characters – posted fully painted, Or outline only (paint by numbers style)

these are rolled up on heavy sheet vinyl backing. Placed in a postal tube. and posted.

No 1 Bill the carpet later.

an ideal large poster to paste on the wall (advertising)

This fellow is around 6 feet tall and will attract attention to your business.





No 2 Ben the Vinyl Plank later

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Do It Yourself Sheet Vinyl

A small educational and reference book (74 pages)

written by Pat Davis, a veteran floor layer. This small book offers the basic instruction and learning tools that any layer of domestic sheet vinyl to understand and practise. It also provides the basic techniques and methods that become the base that will progress to mastery of the trade.

The knowledge and understanding of the lessons taught will guide the reader beyond basic and elementary mistakes.

Every sheet Vinyl layer a[rentice requires a safe and secure starting point.

The Book “DO IT YOURSELF: LAT YOUR OWN SHEET VINYL FLOOR” is the safe starting point.

Recent studies show that more people now attempt tasks that were previously confined to specialised
trades. These handy D.I.Y. people attempt and succeed every day in creating, building, writing, repairing, trying, and successfully completing tasks that had previously been in the domain of professionals. Undoubtedly, many handy people have a range of personal requirements, skills, and the opportunity to do it themselves but fear that they lack the skills, knowledge, or specialised tools. This book demonstrates that this fear is unnecessary. With a few simple tools with a bit of practice and assistance from 50 years of experience as a floor covering professional at hand, you can undoubtedly surprise yourself. Often, these specialised tools are merely adopted to save time. The most crucial professional function is to save time. The hidden truth is that you are simply paying for YOUR OWN TIME saved in many circumstances.

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The book illustrates some do-it-yourself teaching tools, easily made so that the reader can practise on scrap vinyl until perfection in successful cutting in of all and every odd angle.

The image below shows the area chosen. This Bathroom shower and laundry area Is every DIY sheet vinyl layers nightmare. It has all the problems of working in cramped areas.

Image left, Foolproof cutting

The photo above shows the writer standing on a folded piece of sheet vinyl.

The new felt-backed types of vinyl don’t scratch the paint on the wall and lay flat naturally when allowed to rest in place.

The Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Australian indigenous people Have always been deprived of dignity. They rightfully reigned in land for millennia while feckless politicians kept dragging their feet. I have a good mind to grant them an authentic voice.

I shall give anyone in Australia with one full-blooded Aboriginal parent TWO VOTES (one local vote and one in any electorate)
I shall do this to rebalance the scales. This way, if a group of people dislike 12-year-olds locked away, they could add their vote to the PM’s electorate so that our leadership feels the heat of their political indecisiveness


Whispers of good intentions from politicians in response to the Uluru Statement From The Heart finally revved up efforts to give Indigenous Australians an authentic voice in the laws that affect them.

A laudable proposal that comes on the back of a long litany of protests sparked by a steady stream of historical atrocities, which we, as Australians, are all too familiar with. Too long have they endured the machinations of intruders, disenfranchisers and their arrogant progeny. If we listen closely through the ages, We can hear the silent resentment of billions of souls.

People peacefully walked this land until the HMS Endeavour brought the harbingers of conquest, disease, and death to Silver Beach on Botany Bay one fateful April.The screams of the hundreds of thousands who fell during the frontier wars. The sobs of the silent generation, the defiant shouts of disgruntled activists, and the laments of countless inmates currently incarcerated on the back of an unjust legacy that has sadly dictated their fortunes.

Section 51 (xxxi) of the 1901 Australian constitution gave Parliament the power to make laws for the “acquisition of property on just terms”. From any person

This a rich irony considering our colonial history of enthusiastically doing the polar opposite. Australia was, after all, terra nullius (a territory without master) within the reckoning of the esteemed James Cook and Joseph Banks when they contemplated it from the coast 250 years ago. Cook and Banks’ reckoning was echoed in Section 127 of the same constitution, which stated:

“In reckoning, the numbers of the people of the Commonwealth, or of a State or other part of the Commonwealth, aboriginal natives shall not be counted.

Section 51 (xxvi) helped cement this grand injustice

By giving laws for “The people of any race, other than the aboriginal race in any State, for whom it is deemed necessary to make special laws”.

As we all know, the journey for constitutional recognition has been long and arduous, with Voting and the ability to be counted as part of the Australian population for constitutional purposes.

Voting came more than 60 years later with the passing of the Commonwealth Electoral Act in 1962 and the Constitution Alteration (Aboriginals) in 1967.

I am not writing this to avoid re-treading a history that we should be all too familiar with in great detail. Or provide a list of injustices that persist and that any right-thinking Australian should want to be finally put to rest so we can continue healing.

I am, however, here to address the ridiculous process of the upcoming Voice Referendum. Which I acknowledge did be with whispers of good intentions. But it has been drowned out and sculpted by the din of endless debate and bargaining.

With horse trading and compromise. To the point where the solution will inevitably be toothless. And too late when it eventually comes.

Lady Justice is usually pictured holding scales as a symbol of her duty to restore societal balance..

Skeleton Joke

THE SKELETON by Pat Davis.

A skeleton walked into the Pub. Slammed $10 on the bar and shouted, “Barman give me a beer and a mop”.

The Skeleton steadily drank the beer; he dutifully wiped the floor so it was fresh and clean.

The barman said. “Did that beer go down well?”

“Bloody brilliant mate,” The Skeleton said. “I was dying for a beer. But I got stuck in a 6 foot hole for a while and couldn’t get here”.

The Skeleton kept talking. “I have not been well lately. I feel stiff all over, and my joints are all seizing up, I am finding it bloody difficult to get around.”

“You are in luck,” said the barman. A chap in the lounge bar happens to be a surgeon, A doctor. You should wander into the Lounge bar and get an opinion.

“I will do that,” said the Skeleton and walked into the adjoining bar.

“Hello, Doc,” said the Skeleton. The Skeleton Then explained to the surgeon exactly what his problem was.

The surgeon told the Skeleton bluntly that he could not give consultation or treat just anybody who walked in off the street. He would be far better off making an appointment with his Local General Practitioner and getting a referral to a bone specialist.

“NO NO NO” shouted the Skeleton. He then became extremely persistent. “I need help NOW!”

“O.K.,” said the surgeon. “I can offer you some medical advice. What you need to do is call into the hardware shop on the other side of the street. Buy a can of CRC. That is a rust remover; it can loosen stiff joints, it’s also a lubricant. Just give your whole body a quick spray. A fine mist over your entire body and this will get you running again.”

This suggestion seemed to calm the skeleton, and he set off across the street to the hardware store.

A while later, the Skeleton burst his way back into the bar. “HELP ME!” he shouted. “I am rattling, shaking, my bones are all hanging loose. I cannot stand up properly.”

The surgeon shook his head in dismay. “I said a fine mist!

You stupid, stupid Skeleton. You have OVERDOSED”.

Escape from Fer2

A novel based on real schizophrenic experience

A journal of a man’s struggle through truth, reality, hallucinations, dreams, and realizations.

“Fasten your seatbelt! You’re about to travel through space and time. William finds himself on planet Fer2, having been sent through a wormhole to an interplanetary penal colony. Expecting the life of a prisoner, he is genuinely surprised to find that his new life is chock full of freedoms, discoveries and social dynamics. Fer2 is unlike planet Earth in every way. It has all the liveability of Earth but has its own communication systems and unimaginable dangers.

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As William makes his way across the new territory, his eyes are opened to fascinating characters, unusual societal rules and deep connections to those he meets. In this engaging science fiction, the reader is led through many aspects of astrophysics as William contemplates Dark Matter, wormhole travel and antimatter. William’s story is one of self-discovery as he learns to use his innate strengths. He has to filter out the background noise of this new environment and notice the more profound truth. Exploring the delicate balance between science and spirituality, William pushes himself to the brink where he must come to terms with his ultimate purpose. Touching on topics like status, friendship, religion and mental illness, Pat weaves together a creative sci-fi book that makes you question if your mind is playing tricks on you”.



The Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society
Brief History of this car                   

This car was purchased in England by Bozi Mohacek, the present owner, from a Surrey vintage car dealer in November 1983. The dealer had imported the car in September 1982 as part of a private collection of historic cars from a museum believed to have been in Holland. The car was dusty, brown and immobile, and was immediately given the nickname of L’Escargot. Although the car was purchased and registered as being a 1921 Citroen Model C Cabriolet 5 CV, subsequent investigation of chassis and engine numbers established that the car was probably manufactured in June 1924 having the chassis number 37,600 and engine number V-A 38149.

It was obvious that the car had been very well looked after during its earlier working life. All body and chassis parts were very ‘original’ and generally undamaged and the bodywork was in very good un-rusty condition. The car had been subsequently very well restored externally to be ‘dry stored’ as part of the Dutch collection. The restoration, however, had not extended to the chassis, engine and transmission, which all required quite a lot of work to make the car suitable for regular road use. The restoration took some nine months, and on completion, the car was registered for the first time in the UK with a ‘period’ unused Clackmannshire registration.

The first UK vintage car outing for the car, and the owner, was to the 6th International Citroen Car Clubs Rally meeting at Knebworth in England in August 1984 where it was suggested that the car should be entered into the Concours competition. Not knowing what ‘concours’ was, it was agreed. Eventually, to the owner’s great surprise the car was awarded the Cup for the ‘Best Rear Drive Citroen’ at the Show, and the owner was awarded the ‘Certificate of Merit’ for the work done !! The prizes were presented by the Managing Director of Citroen France.

In view that the car still had on the dashboard the original ‘owner nameplate’ required during the 1920s by French law, it was known the car had at one time belonged to a Mr E Caurat, Controleur des Contributions Directes (Income Tax Inspector), at le Blanc in France. Early attempts to contact the Caurat Family were unsuccessful and it was not until 1999 that a French car enthusiast resident in England succeeded in contacting a descendant, the daughter, of the original owner.

The original owner, Emmanuel Caurat, had served in the First World War, where he was injured by poisoned gas and subsequently spent some time in hospital. He then became an Tax Inspector in Yvetot in Normandy and later moved to Le Blanc. It seems that the Model C was purchased in Le Blanc, probably new, in 1924. The car was then a ‘military’ green and had a black hood. It seems however that he did not keep the car very long because the daughter remembers as a child that they then purchased a bigger Citroen B2 4 seater which her mother hated because of the frequent breakdowns. The Model C was sold to his brother Marcel some time before 1929 because an aunt remembers that Marcel came to her wedding in 1929 in this car.

Marcel Caurat was also a Tax Inspector and lived in Bordeaux. The Model C, however, was kept in Limousin (Chateau Ponsac) where Marcel had a ‘hunting cottage’ and where the Model C was used only to go shooting. The car, still owned by Marcel, subsequently remained in Limousin, sharing the barn with a ‘Tilbury’ horse carriage and many other interesting historical items. The car was still there in 1972 when the original owner Emmanuel Caurat died, and it remained there for several more years. Marcel Caurat died in 1997, aged 95. The barn and its contents had been sold earlier, possibly as late as 1980. The history of the car between 1980 and 1983 is currently being investigated.

The Chance

An Australian Fairy story for Children

The Chance

A fairy story for Children and adults alike. Featuring an extremely wise Owl. A not so wise but quite gullible wallaby. A very upset wallaby. A Wild Brumby treads on a Bilby, and a Bower bird loses a shiny object he was taking home to his nest.

All end well for a young Wallaby and a new friend when young Wallaby discovers the chance of a lifetime.

Wallaby thought he never had a chance until Owl gave him the exact chance a young Wallaby could hope for. Wallaby did not know or understand exactly what a chance even looked like,

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1965 Jaguar 3.8L S Type Saloon,

owned by
Laurie and Sue Pearce. Middlemount.
Laurie and Sue managed to visit the Browns Plain Plant while in the U.K. in 1993. (The plant was only three weeks into production after Its major overhaul/refit)

    After  returning, Laurie decided he would like to take on a simple restoration

Project.  The Photo above shows the Jaguar as it turned up.  Simple was not the aptest word

Laurie had originally been looking for a 3.8 Litre mark11 but settled for “STANLEY” 3.8 ‘s’ (Stanley S Type)

The car was bought from Brisbane, But it had gone to Brisbane from Gladstone and before that, Biloela – So it would seem it’s destined to stay in

Central Queensland


Photo Right ‘Wiring Harness’ (Looks simple)

    A bit over three years saw it reshape to the general stage it’s at presently, and  Laurie is “Still mucking about with a coupla fiddly things”  It is basically complete.

   There has been a number of little glitches along the way, and Laurie says, “being in the Jag Club, with expert advice to call on, is a must” his undying Gratitude goes to Max Parnell of the Capricorn Register for his invaluable help and support.  Also to never  forget to have the family on-side

(Most importantly, ” She who must be obeyed”)  Sue and Laurie’s three sons put up with a lot and helped accomplish much.

Photo right

Laurie’s Father got “Stuck into the woodwork”   The woodwork needed a darker than the original stain to try and hide the damage done by the original owners.

1965 Jaguar 3.8L ‘s’ type PHOTO ABOVE Installing the engine
“Having friends with panel beating and spray painting skills helps too, although when you are not paying “top dollar,” you learn to be patient”

All in all, Laurie is very satisfied with his first attempt at restoring a car. He says, “It proves that virtually anybody game enough to tackle this type of project – Be in a car club and line up your Friends and practice counting to ten a lot”

PhotoThe engine

1965 3.8  ‘s’ type 3.8 litre engine Rebuilt by Tony Wolzar of Mackay Original “DG” Auto Rebuilt by Vic Hyde of Rockhampton Electric’s changed to negative earth sometime before Laurie acquired vehicle Painted in an 80s Jaguar colour Grenadier Red

1997 Jaguar XK8 coupe..

1997 Jaguar XK8 coupe…Owned by Vic Hyde. Rockhampton.

The XK8 and XKR are known as the XK series of Jaguar Cars. They are the “grand tourer” by the “British” automaker Jaguar of the 1997 Jaguar model year. The XK series replaces XJS and are available as a convertible or coupe.

Currently, in their second generation, the XK8 series was the first 8-cylinder vehicle that was produced by Jaguar Cars. They even have a 390 hp-supercharged engine or a natural aspirated 290 hp or 213 KW engine.
. The “first generation” XK series shares its flat form with the “Aston Martin DB7”. Both model cars are inspired by the XJS Jaguar, although the main difference is the platform, which has been changed extensively.

In terms of performance and power, both model XKR and XK8 are limited to a 155 mph or 250-km/h tops speed. Their computer governor provides them a lower “top speed” than the car they replaced.

X-Type and S – Type is the alternative model of XK8. In addition, there are several limited editions of “XKR” convertibles and coupes have been produced that marked the important historical events of Jaguar’s Cars.

1965 Jaguar Mark 10 Saloon

1965 Jaguar Mark 10 Saloon…

.Owned by Col Vern Yeppoon.

Jaguar Mark 10 was the largest saloon car that the British Jaguar manufacturer built. It is known as the widest production that Jaguar Cars ever produced. It even succeeded the Jaguar Mark IX.

The “suspension” was independent all around with “coil springs” at the front. Two engine sizes were offered with “3781” cc until “1964” when the larger “4235” cc unit took over. 
Automatic transmission and manual with overdrive were options, but most cars left the factory with the “automatic choice of box”.

The Daimler DS420 was a relative model of the Mark 10 Jaguar. This type of car was manufactured from 1961 to 1970. Productions have 3.8 litres, 420 G, and 4.2 litres. Jaguar XJ6 is the successor of the Mark X Jaguar. The wheelbase has 120 inches, 3050 mm, and the length has 202 inches, or 5130 mm. Jaguar Mark X saloon has a width of 76 inches or 1930 mm and a curb weight of 4,200 lb or 1,860 kg.