1929 Willys



1929 Willys –  A recent visit to Eddie Phillips place at Bororen gave the Gladstone Vintage and  Classic car club  members a chance to check out some of Eddies stationary Engines etc.      In the back yard we came across these two 1929 Willys.


Eddie said the rest was in the shed , so we went and had a look.. Sure enough we came across a pile of bumpers mudguards, bits.  What laid underneath this collection? We never looked.

Some Willy History  The first Willys  vehicles first  appeared in 1909. John North Willys  had rescued the Overland company a couple of years earlier . The early  vehicles did not sell well, it would picture3seem . J.N. Willys had a philosophy  of prestige but the market place was looking for  a more economical vehicle.  Willys best know vehicle was the  Willys jeep , the design was evolved through the Bantam car Company, but a lack of production facilities found willys with a contract to build the military  version.  Willys produced around  360,00 vehicles  by 1945.

A good number of these jeeps are still to be found  on our roads, and although an not overly  comfortable little vehicle, they do have a history and are extremely collectable. Not to be ignored is that they  are a great deal of fun go ‘most places’ vehicle.

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