Escape from Fer2

A novel based on real schizophrenic experience

A journal of a man’s struggle through truth, reality, hallucinations, dreams, and realizations.

“Fasten your seatbelt! You’re about to travel through space and time. William finds himself on planet Fer2, having been sent through a wormhole to an interplanetary penal colony. Expecting the life of a prisoner, he is genuinely surprised to find that his new life is chock full of freedoms, discoveries and social dynamics. Fer2 is unlike planet Earth in every way. It has all the liveability of Earth but has its own communication systems and unimaginable dangers.

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As William makes his way across the new territory, his eyes are opened to fascinating characters, unusual societal rules and deep connections to those he meets. In this engaging science fiction, the reader is led through many aspects of astrophysics as William contemplates Dark Matter, wormhole travel and antimatter. William’s story is one of self-discovery as he learns to use his innate strengths. He has to filter out the background noise of this new environment and notice the more profound truth. Exploring the delicate balance between science and spirituality, William pushes himself to the brink where he must come to terms with his ultimate purpose. Touching on topics like status, friendship, religion and mental illness, Pat weaves together a creative sci-fi book that makes you question if your mind is playing tricks on you”.

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