Warren Gelhaar, from Coolana, and Lionel Burchman, from Forest Hill, resurrected this engine in October 2001. The engine belongs to Glen Boughen. His family used it to chaff hay. It lay abandoned in Glen’s font garden for more than 40 years.

    The flywheels No. DA 228 are not the original. The original wheels No DA 315 are still on the family farm used as a weight on a plough. The wheels were changed because the crank broke when Glen was a lad.

The piston, magneto, points and bearings were all seized. Warren and Lionel took several weeks of tinkering to bring all the parts back to working order. A new fuel tank and magneto cap were made. The oil drip feed is missing from the piston barrel. (Glen used it for target practice for his slingshot).

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