1932 Willys Overland.


picture111932 Willys Overlander – Dot and Arthur bought this car from the late Bill and Elsie Turner. 18 years previous Bill had painted and reupholstered it, along with other parts that needed restoring.  The wooden body frame was manufactured in 1932 by Holden and is still original.  Tourers like this one were built in America and Canada for export, but no records are available in America of this model and less than five are still on Australian roads today.
The engine options were 6 & 8 cylinder poppet valve or sleeve valve.
Willys manufactured 6-90 engines to fit the green diamond international trucks 1932 to 1935. The 6-90 was the last model before the Willys 77. The motor was used on the famous Jeep

1932 Willys Overland   Specifications

6 cylinder side valve
25 – 35 HP.
65 BHP.
Wheel base 113 inches
Track 58 1/4 inches

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