1925 Chevrolet Tourer


Owned by Entry  Jim and Belwyn Kerr.

Chevrolet, one of the most popular General Motors marques, was founded by race car driver and enthusiast Louis Chevrolet and automotive legend William C. Durant.
Chevrolet entered the automobile market with the sole target of competing against the Ford’s Model T car. But with time, it certainly became a worthy challenger to the Ford’s traditionalism and established a stronghold in the automotive market by consistently producing cars worthy of its name – cars of power, speed, stability, appearance and price that would outclass any other car in its class.
In 1925 the “Superior” series were developed and commercialized by the Chevrolet and the vehicle leading the production line was the 1925 Chevrolet Superior Series K Tourer. The 5-passenger, 4- door car was a technical marvel and boasted of several innovative features, such as:
Original O.H.V. 4 CYL Engine delivering 21-22 HP, Wheelbase – 103″
Selective Sliding Transmission – 3 Speed
Wooden Spoke Wheels
Optional Front and Rear Bumpers
External Rear Wheel Brakes
Complete Top and Side Curtains
Wind Wings
Folding Windshield
Rear Mounted Spare with Cover
Wooden Rim Steering Wheel
Boyce Moto-Meter Radiator Cap
Stewart Plunge Horns
The first use by Chevrolet of the term “Series” was in 1925 with the announcement of the Superior Series K and the Utility Express Series M, though there was several inconsistent use of the term in some of the previous Chevrolet models leading to much confusion.

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