1946 Coupe Cab Chevy

bundy1946 Coupe Cab Chevrolet Truck owned by Reuben

 picture11As you can see from the photo it came off rather poorly with an encounter with a Kangaroo. Reuben has had the Chev for around ten years and he says it was in very poor condition when he bought it, since that time it has undergone (still underway) a total restoration.

This Chevrolet has a Australian built Holden body and it only came in two colours Narva Green and Coolangatta Cream.

Reuben has had the Chev for around ten years and he says it was in very poor condition when he bought it, since that time it has undergone (still underway) a total restoration.

The Truck is still very original, although it is wearing a set of mag wheels and currently running a stromberg carburetor while Reuben was looking for parts for the original Carter.    See photo below   (although the air filter is in the way)


At the time of writing Reuben has a similar truck due to be restored in his shed, it’s a 1300 series 45 Chev Truck





1952 Chevrolet

bundy1952 Chevrolet owned by Merv and Betty Recow

                   picture5                                                                                                            This Chevrolet is an Australian assembled car with a Holden body. It varies a little from the US version, the most obvious difference being the boot.



1924 Chev Tourer,

picture11924 Chev Tourer Entrant number 2 Driver Bob Burley Navigator Hazel Burley


Chevrolet In 1924 –  William S Knudsen became president of Chevrolet and joined the GM Board of Directors.

The first non US or Canadian assembled GM vehicle arrived off the new assembly line In Copenhagen, Denmark on January 7th . . A Chevy Ute.


In the Shareholders 1924 Annual Report. The Chevrolet strategy of “A car for every purse and purpose” was announced

Chevrolet turned out plenty more cars like this nicely restored example of a 1924 Chevy car. It is great fun driving a little bit of history around with great people at a great location. . On a fine day. Nice car Bob. . .


1927 Chevrolet Tourer


By 1927, over one million Chevrolet cars were selling in the United States making it, the clear market leader.

Early Chevrolets are a restoration favorite, plenty of these cars were made and this is always a great starting point for any

Restoration. Parts can usually be found with a little effort, An

unbroken succession of successors to today gives this car  Instant recognition as an early example of one of the great car makes. Driving one of these models today is great fun. (on a fine day) . .



1930 Chevrolet four door

picture11930 Chevrolet 4 door  Entry number 30, Driver Geoff Adcock, Navigator Maureen Adcock



Car of the Month May 96 From B.V.A.C. magazine Vintage Views

This 1930 Chev Tourer belongs to Geoff and Maureen Adcock of Kedron.. . The Chevrolet was found in a used car yard at Southport, it was due to be loaded on a container to Sweden. Since that time, the bearings have been replaced, (differential and front wheels), new brake shoes, new wiring harness, battery, bulbs, a little work to make the fuel gauge work, new blinds, wind wings, windscreen restored, and a storage box attached, a new exhaust system.     Geoff and Maurine are currently slowly restoring a 1936  Chevrrolet sedan  14




1930 Chevrolet

picture11930 Chevrolet – Entry number 27. Driver Craig Marshall, Navigator Janelle Needer


Car of the Month From B.V.A.C. Club magazine  VINTAGE VIEWS

Dec 1995 – This car is owned by Craig Marshall.  Craig’s father Norm restored it in the early 1980s. Since that time it has traveled over twenty thousand miles, most of them trouble free.



1926 Chevrolet

picture11926 Chevrolet   Entrant number 25 Driver Darryl Sutton Navigator Judy Sutton26-chev

Chevrolet, one of the most popular General Motors marques, was founded by race car driver and enthusiast Louis Chevrolet and automotive legend William C. Durant.

Chevrolet entered the automobile market with the sole target of competing against the Ford’s Model T car. But with time, it certainly became a worthy challenger to the Ford’s traditionalism and established a stronghold in the automotive market by consistently producing cars worthy of its name – cars of power, speed, stability, appearance and price that would outclass any other car in its class.




1944 Chevrolet Blitz

1944 Chevrolet Blitz “C 15A WIRELESS VAN”       Owned By Maurice Irvinepicture1

A very popular  vehicle on display Outside the Clyde Hotel at the Calliope historical village on market day

 This Truck has a Holden body built on a 15cwt 4×4  Canadian Military platform  (Chassis)  and powered by a 216 Chev motor.

picture2 The truck comes complete with winch(all in working order) It is located under the truck just in front of the rear axle, but no spare wheel.Cab comes complete Cab comes complete with canvas seats –

Note the windscreen   photo below ( Air conditioning FULL ON)

A look into  the back of the truck reveals  some 1980s  vinyl on the floor for protection.,  (very sensible )  Not clearly visible are two gun racks , and  a couple of small rifle openings to shoot through.  Maurice is currently looking for some authentic radio equipment to place in this  ‘radio room’  so if anyone reading this knows where some may be found let him know. Maurice is quite happy to have  aupicture4thentic radio cases  with the internals removed. Also not visible is the Insignia ‘buffalo over boomerang’ of the 12 Australian Division Northern Territory. Based in Darwin, raised in 1942 and no longer current.