1949 Austin Sheerline


Owned by Alan and Leanne Dawes

The Austin Sheerline was a luxury car produced by the Austin Motor company after the end of World War II. Its production period extended from 1947 to 1954 and its primary commercial goal was to allow the car lovers, to experience the luxury in the style of the contemporary Rolls-Royce or Bentley but at a much lower price.

The Unique technical features of the Austin Sheerline includes:

Austin Sheerline model A110 had 3460 cc straight 6 overhead valve engine

Model A125 boasted of a 3995 cc engine capable of delivering 125 bhp.

The chassis varied from 9 feet 11 1/4 inch wheelbase for the saloon to 11 ft for the limousine version (started in 1950).

The 1949 model weighed in at around 1850 kg and to maintain performance of this heavy car a low final drive ratio of 4.55:1 with 16 inch tyres was fitted.

Austin Sheerline’s suspension was by coil springs at the front and half elliptic leaf springs at the rear.

The 1949 Austin Sheerline was capable of a top speed of 82 mph

In 1954 production ceased with the Austin luxury category passing to the similar A135 Princess Mk II which had also been in production since 1947 and would continue until 1956. Still the Austin Sheerline is heralded as one of the most luxurious classic cars of all time. During its production period, around 8000 cars were sold, but now a days Austin Sheerline is becoming quite rare and resultantly a vintage collector’s item.

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