1929 Austin Seven –


owned by  Trevor and Bev McCulloch

The Austin 7 was one of the most popular cars ever produced and was licensed and copied by companies all over the world. Its production period extended from 1922 to 1939, which was a significant mark of its popular demand. Over 290,000 cars of this make were sold all over the world. The Austin 7 technical specifications are characterized by a Wheelbase of 6 ft 3 inches and a light weight of 794 pounds. The engine required for adequate performance was of 747 cc side valve which was quite capable of a modest 10 hp output. Four cylinders 747cc, 56 mm bore by 76 mm stroke, side valve engine which was composed of an aluminium crankcase, cast iron cylinder block and cast iron cylinder head with Pressure lubricated crankshaft running in two bearings. Back axle was of spiral bevel type with ratios between 4.4:1 and 5.6:1 . The chassis looked like an “A” with the engine mounted between the stroke channel divisions at the narrow front end.

Austin 7 boasted of a rear suspension which cantilevered from the rear of the chassis via by quarter elliptic springs while at the front the beam axle it had a centrally mounted half elliptic transverse spring.

A significant sign of the Austin 7’s commercial capabilities was that the first BMW models were produced and sold as licensed Austin 7s, as were the original “American Austins”. In France, they were made and sold as Rosengarts while in Japan Nissan also used the vintage Austin 7 design as the basis for their original cars.

As a vintage car, the  Austin 7’s popular attraction is still quite stunning and has a widespread devoted backing from people of all communities.

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