1939 Chevrolet Tourer


owned by Collin and Bonnie Barber

The late 1930’s saw a huge growth in the automobile industry, with sales records going through the roofs. The automobile manufacturing giants were busy satisfying their customers with better quality and care.
At the forefront of this industrial Bull Run was Chevrolet, which continued its tradition of innovative developments and unique designs. By means of its 1939 production line, the Chevrolet management tried to attract the business class, through its luxurious and top-of-the-line designs and accessories.
The 1939 Chevrolet production line included:
Series JA Deluxe Master
Series JB Master “85”
The 1939 Chevrolet Series JA/JB Tourer was a huge commercial success in both the family and business segments and offered numerous features, which included:
5-passenger, 4-door spacious package with several luxurious add-ons
Straight 6 cylinder, 3548.4 cc., 3.5 L engine delivering 85 HP
Wheelbase – 112.3 Inches
Bore x Stroke – 3.5″ x 3.75″
Engine Displacement – 216.50 CU IN.
Manual 3 Speed+ rear transmission
The 1939 Chevrolet Series JA/JB Tourer, weighing in around 2875 lbs was a powerful, yet stable car, offered at a moderate price of approx. $754 to the public, which was certainly a bargain relative to the other cars in its class. This resulted in sustained financial profits, paving the path for further development of the Chevy Brand of vehicles.

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