1968 Ford Mustang California


1. Owned by Mike Penrose Gladstone

Looking spectacular at the recent ‘Unique   car  show” , Gladstone Nov 2002.  Was Mike     Penrose’s “Cobalt ‘ coloured Mustang.  351
Cleveland Toploader 9” Wheels;  American Racing Torque Thrust. Mike is still finishing some recent work, in the last few months he has painted, fitted the new wheels, re done the upholstery, trims, etc renewed the Brakes  etc.  They do not look this good                                                                                                       without a lot of attention                                                                                       3


1914 Model ‘T’ Ford

picture1Owned by Gordon and Dellis Whittakers

This was thhenrye car  that promised  The World  A future with a car for every home.

The  Model T Ford was built  from 1908 until  1927 It was  affordable. .  every other  shortcoming was ignored.   It was the simplest design.  This car placed motoring into the hands of the working man, and the working man has up to this point held  motoring and ownership of a car firmly  in his grasp.     Well Done Henry Ford..


1958 Ford Zephyr Six

picture11958 Ford Zephyr Six owned by Ken Whittaker


Ken bought the Zephyr locally on 8/8/1990, it was fully registered but it was sold to him as an unregistered vehicle, but that caused no problems . Two tyres , a quick repair to one of the shockies and some tramp rod bushes and she was ready to pass the roadworthy.

The body is still in original condition, the motor and gearbox is out of a mark 3, ( a more powerful motor) . This takes it up from 86 B.H.P. to 113 B.H.P. and gives it a four speed gear box. The only other difference from the original are a set of mag wheels and the grille from a Zodiac. But that is enough to change its appearance from a standard mark 2

Ken has recently added a Zephyr Wagon to his collection, it was in a pretty unloved state when last seen but it will be getting some attention soon.

Hopefully it will be here soon.

This Photo was Taken by Bill Swindells at the Calliope market, The Clyde hotel is in the background.



1928 Model ‘A’ Ford


Owned by Gordon and Dellis  Whittakerwh

In 1979 the Whittakers drove the A model to Weipa. A group of fifteen cars left Gladstone and the round trip took three weeks. The only mechanical repairs to the Ford was a flat tyre ( although Gordon did mention a Quite serious incident that resulted in the loss of a full bottle of rum)

In Biloela some 5 years ago the Ford sprung a leak, and water gushed out of the head. It happens that the dip stick (New guinea soft wood) was handy, so a section was cut off using Gordon’s handy ‘Solly’s’ $4.50 pocket knife. Gordon poked the cut off section of the dip stick into the hole and tapped it in with the same knife.

I asked Gordon if it was OK to write that in our Annual Magazine, and he said “Everybody knows it is there by now”

( well the whole world will find out from here)

It was about this point that Gordon pulled out the said pocket knife, and while demonstrating how sharp the lift out scissors were. . . Cut his Finger.



Ford Model A Pickup

picture2picture3Owned By Laurie & Carol Kyte, Gladstone.

Since this photo was taken (top), Laurie and Carol’s A Model has been completely refurbished.

A huge transformation, the newer photo bottom sports a  new green outlook.

A peculiarity of this era of cars was the unique feel that each car developed.  For instance the steering, it would not be hard to remember the feel of a dozen ‘A’ model Fords as easily as it would be to remember the colour of the cars.

In the years that these cars were manufactured the parts that comprised the front end were few in number. The larger parts often developed some road ‘wear’, or damage occasionally even manufactured with a slight variation.  This invariably contributed to an individual feel.

1929 Ford Roadster


owned by  Peter and Noelle Mathews

when the A Model was superseded by the new V8 model. The Ford A Model was launched on 2nd of December 1927 and Ford produced over five million Model A cars fbetween 1927 and 1932  Model A Came complete with a Tool kit , every car had included in this tool kit the following;  An adjustable wrench, 2 open end wrenches,  2 tire irons, a Jack,  I pair of pliers, a screwdriver,  A tire pump, a grease gun,  combination spark plug wrench and head bolt wrench. Also included was an Instruction book, and a small pouch where these items fitted. Snap Pouch.

The Ford A Model engine was by an L-head 4-cylinder with just over 200.50 cubic-inches or 3286.2 cubic centimeters. of displacement.  A three-speed sliding gear transmission with a reverse  Top speed was just over sixty-miles per hour with the average fuel mileage being rather exceptional at over 40 MPG.

price ranged from US $385 through US $570.

1928 Ford Tudor Sedan


owned by Ashley and Kay Trevis

The Ford Model A was available in a wide selection of body types

Coupe Standard Coupe Deluxe

Business Coupe, Sport Coupe,

Standard Roadster Coupe Deluxe Roadster Coupe,

Convertible Cabriolet, Convertible Sedan, –

Standard Phaeton Deluxe Phaeton,

Standard Tudor Deluxe Tudor

Town Car, Standard Fordor 2-window

Deluxe Fordor 2-window Standard Fordor 3-window

Deluxe Fordor 3-window Victoria,

Station Wagon, Taxicab,

Truck, Commercial.

production ended on August 1931, with 4,320,446 Model A’s made in all styles body types

The 1928 Tudor sedan was like the  Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, BMW or  Cadillac of its time I mean look at the picture above. Although trying to repair the Tudor sedan is a little harder to do these days compared to the Mercedes and the BMW’s today because finding  BMW parts  or  Mercedes parts  are so much easier to find but it is well worth the search for the 1928 Tudor parts.

1935 Ford Sedan


owned by Fred and Valda Lubbe

From a Ford Brochure of the time.

While the Ford is a mans car in every rugged sense of the world – it takes a woman to appreciate the finish and detail of the Fords interior. Yet, sometimes women fail to not the details until after the car is bought. Check details FIRST. Ford upholstery is of superior quality. Every edge is finished. Lift the carpet and examine it. The instrument board is as practical as a ships control room – and as smartly appointed as a dressing table. Knows on the dash are made of a costume jewelry substance. Note the edging on sunvisors. Hardware – ordinarily left plain except in high priced cars – has been beautifully finished in a subdued taupe color. These details tell a big story of the extra value the final car provides.

1957 Ford Zephyr Sedan


owned by Don and Carmel Smith

The 1957 Ford Zephyr Sedan MK 2 was well received by car enthusiasts and pushed the manufacturing bar even further for the development of commercially viable, performance oriented cars which appeal to people of all ages. It eventually became a symbol of family car because of its applicability for all purposes.

The Zephyr’s convertible variant was also marketed by the Ford motor company during this period and it also enjoyed great success in the world market because of its independent youth appeal.

The 1957 Ford Zephyr Sedan MK 2 was released by the Ford Motor company in order to satisfy the ever increasing customer demand for power, reliability, luxury and durabilty. The Ford Zephyr not only satisfied the contemporary public demand, but also outshone its commercial goals.

The 1957 Ford Zephyr Sedan MK 2 boasted of several technologically advanced features, such as:

  • Performance oriented 4 and 6 cylinder engine, with capacity of 2262 cc and overhead valves for increased power
  • Unitary construction, which increases the reliability of the car’s body
  • Lighter, stiffer structure
  • Fully hydraulic brakes
  • Top speed of 90 mph, which was stunning in its class.
  • Slick styling and lavish seating (optional)