1928 Ford Tudor Sedan


owned by Ashley and Kay Trevis

The Ford Model A was available in a wide selection of body types

Coupe Standard Coupe Deluxe

Business Coupe, Sport Coupe,

Standard Roadster Coupe Deluxe Roadster Coupe,

Convertible Cabriolet, Convertible Sedan, –

Standard Phaeton Deluxe Phaeton,

Standard Tudor Deluxe Tudor

Town Car, Standard Fordor 2-window

Deluxe Fordor 2-window Standard Fordor 3-window

Deluxe Fordor 3-window Victoria,

Station Wagon, Taxicab,

Truck, Commercial.

production ended on August 1931, with 4,320,446 Model A’s made in all styles body types

The 1928 Tudor sedan was like the  Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, BMW or  Cadillac of its time I mean look at the picture above. Although trying to repair the Tudor sedan is a little harder to do these days compared to the Mercedes and the BMW’s today because finding  BMW parts  or  Mercedes parts  are so much easier to find but it is well worth the search for the 1928 Tudor parts.

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