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Childrens Story

Do you know any children that laugh at things like  ‘Farts and Poo? ’  These are  kids that you might catch sniggering with their friends and suddenly go silent when a parent get within hearing range.
These are kids that absolutely love secrets and rude noises.. Children that eagerly approach bedtime knowing that Dad is going to read them such a story.  Secret  stories that they are not supposed to tell mum about.
These are not evil stories,  but short tales that encompass strange and unusual, but not  unimaginable body function  that could well be described as “Rude”


A rude   story for children     (link)

Let me introduce you To Aromat   Introducing Aromat    ( link )
Aromat and the sausage factory    ( link )
Aromat and the river rescue           ( link )
Aromat and the rodeo                       ( link )