1926 Essex Tourer


Roy and Helen Gillespie.

In 1926 Essex marketed a line of Touring cars (open four door cars with canvas tops), which was the most popular body style of cars in production at the time. The 1926 Essex tourer were designed to be a moderately priced competitive car which would be affordable to the average American family and could be utilized for numerous activities.

Due to its versatile technical innovations the 1926 Essex tourer was welcomed by the contemporary design enthusiasts and enjoyed sustained commercial success.

The Essex, manufactured as the low priced companion to the Hudson production line, was marketed with the intention of competing against the Ford and Chevrolet’s low priced vehicles. Some of the technical manufacturer specifications associated with the 1926 Essex tourer includes:

Light Six cylinder engine

Bore x Stroke – 2-11/16 x 4-1/4

Displacement of 144.6″

Wheel base of 110½”

Generators – “Delco 1067″/”Auto-Lite GAA-4001”

Distributors – T-6200/Auto-Lite IB-4001

Ignition Coils – American Bosch TC-30

Fuel System – Stewart 25

1926 was a memorable landmark year for Hudson Motor Company, with its sells surpassing the 100000 mark. The company enjoyed admirable success in the next couple of years and become the 3rd largest automobile manufacturer after Ford and General Motors. It entered the Depression in good shape, and although sales fell sharply from 1929 to 1934, the company survived a time when many others didn’t.

1924 Essex

Owned by  John and Jenny Hinde  -Australian Body by Holden Tyres 4. 40×23

1924 Essex 6 was a pioneer in the Essex brand of automobile, produced by the Hudson Motor Company of Detroit, Michigan. The Essex was considered a small affordably priced car, during its production period and started the trend of enclosed passenger compartments.

Essex cars were designed for the average family. Featuring sustained durability and moderate pricing, it proved to be an instant hit in the contemporary automobile market. It recorded high sales from all across America and the Hudson Motor Company soon rose to the 3rd spot in the automobile manufacturing chart after Ford and Chevrolet.
Some of the general and manufacturer specifications of the 1924 Essex 6 include:
Six-cylinder engine producing a moderate 16.5 Horsepower
Electrical Equipment-“American Bosch 940”
Generators-“American Bosch 1043”
Distributors- “T-6200″Ignition Coils- “American Bosch TC-Ed 4”
Fuel System-“Stewart 25″
Fuel consumption of 14-15 mpg under standard road conditions
Estimated top speed 40 mph
Bore x Stroke – 2-5/8 x 4
Displacement of 129.8″ and wheelbase of 110½”
While Henry Ford is credited with inventing the affordable car, it was Essex that made the enclosed car affordable with the introduction of the Essex 6 in 1924. Combining smoothness with durability, the Essex 6 was rightly projected as the symbol of the contemporary American family life and living