1955 Standard Ten Saloon



Standard Ten Saloon 1955 Black  948cc  Owned By Len Hey .  

This complete ‘Last Nut and Bolt’ Restoration – with Professional Paintwork – was completed   Between 1991-1994.  Since that time it has won Many Trophies including Best ‘Standard’ Restoration at  the 1995 Standard National Rally.  The Standard 10 is not Concours – and gets all year round use, It is  a car for driving – and it is very reliable,

The first post war standard model was the  ‘eight‘. This was a small car and only managed to produce 28 bhp using a  1009 cc engine. Between the years  1945 and  1948  standard produced  53,099 units.

The eight got a new body in  1953,  It was a very  small car and cost cutting was evident.  But a very successful model despite the skimping.

This Ten  1954 to 1961 had  a 948 cc motor producing 37 bhp. The later model Standard Ten  had a smaller engine and Standard  spent a little more money and gave this model a boot lid. . .Number produced 172,500.              This is a very collectible little car