1923 Rolls-Royce Sedan


Owned by Bob and Marion Hudson

The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost sedan produced during 1906-1925 is arguably the best car of its era. The name referred to the car’s GHOST- like quietness. Originally named the 40/50 h.p. the chassis was produced at the Manchester and Springfield factory

The aim of the Silver Ghost sedan was to raise public awareness of the company’s uniqueness and to show the reliability and quietness of their new car. This was a risky idea, as cars of this time were notoriously unreliable and roads of the day could be horrendous.

However the car was a huge success in the company’s history and the reputation of Rolls-Royce was set. The public image of the car was quite awesome as it provided the innovative features which were not experienced before-hand in the automobile history. Some of the car’s unique and attractive features include:

Engine: Six-cylinder cast in blocks of three each. L-head 4 ½ x 4 ¾ -inch bore and stroke

Suspension: Semi-elliptic leaf springs with Rolls-Royce friction shock absorbers

Suspension (rear): Cantilever type with Rolls-Royce friction shock absorbers

Brakes: Mechanical internal expanding on rear wheels

Frame: Ladder type with tubular cross members and front diagonal braces

Wheelbase: 143 ½ inches. Height: 143 ½ inches

Steering: Screw and nut

Transmission: Four-speed manual

Lavish luxury seating of the customer’s preference

The Rolls-Royce owes its longevity and stunning initial growth mostly based on the success of the Silver Ghost sedan which has fascinated car lovers all over the globe for so many decades.