1934 Hudson Terraplane


1934 Hudson Terraplane  Entry number 59 Driver Frank Wegrzyniak Navigator Natasha Wegrzniak


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Over 228,000 cars were sold in 1926 and by 1929, Hudson was outselling all other auto manufacturers, with the exceptions of General Motors and Ford.

The year 1932 saw the debut of the first Terraplane model which was dubbed the Essex. Small, but strongly built, the car’s powerful 6 and 8 cylinder engines set several climbing and speed records. The Essex name was dropped the following year and the 1933 model was called the Hudson Terraplane.

Despite the fact that the Terraplane was offered at very competitive prices and the car’s durability and performance was undisputed, scarce dollars in the Depression years resulted in lower sales figures – year after year.

Years ahead of its time, the Hudson Terraplane ceased production by 1939. Hudson limped along until 1954 when the company merged into American Motors and the Hudson became the Nash. Still suffering from poor sales, the Nash/Hudson ended production in 1957, a sad ending for one of America’s finest cars.

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1934 Hudson Terraplane

1934 Hudson Terraplane  Entry number 4 Driver Ashly Kubler Navigator Lenore Kubler


From the very beginning, when the first Hudson left the assembly line in July 1909, the automobile was unique and futuristic in design

The Hudson was the first to incorporate a fluid clutch in 1910 which remained unique to this car for forty-four years. Hudson’s superb engineering encompassed advanced designs such as the first balanced crankshaft which revolutionized the entire automobile industry. Always ahead of their time, Hudson was the first auto manufacturer to introduce starter buttons on the instrument panels in 1926.    Continues here