1929 Ford Roadster


owned by  Peter and Noelle Mathews

when the A Model was superseded by the new V8 model. The Ford A Model was launched on 2nd of December 1927 and Ford produced over five million Model A cars fbetween 1927 and 1932  Model A Came complete with a Tool kit , every car had included in this tool kit the following;  An adjustable wrench, 2 open end wrenches,  2 tire irons, a Jack,  I pair of pliers, a screwdriver,  A tire pump, a grease gun,  combination spark plug wrench and head bolt wrench. Also included was an Instruction book, and a small pouch where these items fitted. Snap Pouch.

The Ford A Model engine was by an L-head 4-cylinder with just over 200.50 cubic-inches or 3286.2 cubic centimeters. of displacement.  A three-speed sliding gear transmission with a reverse  Top speed was just over sixty-miles per hour with the average fuel mileage being rather exceptional at over 40 MPG.

price ranged from US $385 through US $570.

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