1944 Chevrolet Blitz

1944 Chevrolet Blitz “C 15A WIRELESS VAN”       Owned By Maurice Irvinepicture1

A very popular  vehicle on display Outside the Clyde Hotel at the Calliope historical village on market day

 This Truck has a Holden body built on a 15cwt 4×4  Canadian Military platform  (Chassis)  and powered by a 216 Chev motor.

picture2 The truck comes complete with winch(all in working order) It is located under the truck just in front of the rear axle, but no spare wheel.Cab comes complete Cab comes complete with canvas seats –

Note the windscreen   photo below ( Air conditioning FULL ON)

A look into  the back of the truck reveals  some 1980s  vinyl on the floor for protection.,  (very sensible )  Not clearly visible are two gun racks , and  a couple of small rifle openings to shoot through.  Maurice is currently looking for some authentic radio equipment to place in this  ‘radio room’  so if anyone reading this knows where some may be found let him know. Maurice is quite happy to have  aupicture4thentic radio cases  with the internals removed. Also not visible is the Insignia ‘buffalo over boomerang’ of the 12 Australian Division Northern Territory. Based in Darwin, raised in 1942 and no longer current.

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  1. The Chev Blitzes (the big ones at least) carried the spare tyre up on the tray behind the cab & had a winch fitted to get them up & down. I used to have a workshop manual for these but gave it to a friend who has one still. I can’t for the life of me remember where the spare wheel was mounted on these small Blitzes.

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