1971 Ford XY Falcon.

picture11971 Ford Falcon  (302 Cleveland)


Nick Frost  of Boyne Island parked this beauty outside my house the other day. So I grabbed my Brand new Sony digital camera and got a few picks before the sun went down This is the second version of this car that Nick has owned, The first one was mangled in an accident, (No Blame to Nick on this one). A new body was found, and everything was re- installed . Nick is not as pleased with it as he was with the original,. But he wanted his machine back on the road as the FIRST priority.”its looks fine from a distance” Nick told me.. But I got up real close to it, and it looks bloody beautiful The Red paint is a “made up colour” from left over paints. . when you have a budget. . You gotta stick to it. I did SEVERELY mention to Nick that we would like to see the car and him at one of our outings. . And he promised to turn up “for a quick visit” at our Annual Christmas do.  Tubby


It’s a beautiful Car Nick. Wish it a Happy 30th birthday from Members of The Gladstone Vintage and Classic Carriage Club
I made this T shirt design for this Falcon

1963 Ford Compact Fairlane

‘ RED FRED ‘ Owned by Bruce and Cheryl Gibson     See also 64 Compact

The 1963 Ford Compact Fairlane . Sometime with joint membership, you come across a  His’ and ‘Hers’ situation. I think this is the first time  I have ever come across a ‘HERS’ and ‘ OURS ‘. I innocently asked Cheryl where Bruce was because I wanted to get some details  on the 62 Compact as I had  missed the last Club outing and had not managed to get a photo  of it. Cheryl gave me a bit  of a lopsided look. “what details do you want  ?”  she asked, ” Its not Bruce’s Car.  Its Mine!”

RED FRED “This one is Mine” says Sheryl

“Right” I said,  “so the ‘pink’ one is Bruce’s and the red one is yours” .

As I said ‘pink’ I distinctly  remembered someone asking me to correct the page on the web-site, because the car was not pink. . I distinctly remember not doing it; not so distinct was the correct name of the colour, but I am a little colour blind so I expect to get forgiven….

“the Red one is mine, and the 1964 is ours” Sheryl said.. . . . I had to grin when Cheryl said that, ” I will write that down ” I said, “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is ours,”

“I know you will” she can be a bit Cheeky that Cheryl ” you had better write down that it has a 289 Windsor motor, but we are looking for an original 260 motor for it, a lot of 260 motors were replaced with 289s but I would like to have the car as original as possible.  I told her that I would post a message on the web-site in case somebody out there had one and then I asked ” that’s a V8″

“yes, and it has a three speed auto, but the original 260 had a two  speed” Sheryl then started to tell me about the Ford  Compacts history and I forgot to take notes,  If I recall what she told me correctly the 62, 63, and 64 Compact Fairlanes were  Canadian models that Ford Imported and assembled  in Australia. I did recall

Sheryl intends to replace the mag wheels with original wheels, she is going to get white wall tyres, she will re-upholster the seats, that she has accumulated a bit of literature on the compacts. . and that she knows a lot more about Ford Fairlanes than I do, So I made a note of Cheryl and Bruce’s email address  and I shall forward a few of the tricky questions that get emailed to the club web-site.

Between the Sheryl and Bruce they now own a  62, 63, and 64 compact. To my reckoning that makes a complete set ! I did own a 59 fairlane 500 for a few years and it is not hard to understand why she loves them.

“This one is ours” says Sheryl

1967 Ford Mustang


Owned by Graham and Frances Clark

Under the bonnet of this Ex U.S. (California) car is a 351 Cleveland mild cam, With a 750 Holley  (double pumper) carburetor .fitted with an Automatic transmission..

(The Original motor was a 289 Windsor)

Graham says Most of the restoration work was done by ‘Californian Image’ Nerangbar. But checking through his photo albums there are a good few photos of Graham in plenty of “hands on situations”

Being a U.S. car it was originally a left hand drive. The conversion to Right hand drive was included in the work done by Californian Image. Needless to say The Mustang is a highly sought Ford ‘Muscle’ car. And Graham and Frances are Extremely Proud owners.

Photo bottom ‘ gr2Under the bonnet’. This photo was taken after the left to Right hand drive conversion


1971 Ford F250 Fire Truck


1971 F250 Fire Engine owned by Bill Swindells


Bill Swindells   Gladstone Vintage and Classic Carriage Club member has been talking about getting a fire engine for the last two years,. Bill was even presented with a hose nossle at the last Change over dinner, (photo coming soon)    Well Its Here………f2

The Fire Engine has started its new life in retirement with purpose. A group of Children from the ‘Special needs’ Organization are seen above testing the siren during an Outing Organized By Tessa from Special needs, and Club members John Hinde , Bill Swindells, Joe Allen, Frank Smith, Jeanette Jensen and Arthur Timms.


The Ford Started life At Ayre in Queensland in 1971 and was transferred to the Julia Creek fire station in 1973 where it spent most of its working life. It was retired in Boulia in 1999 where it spent its last years of active duty.

It came complete with hose reels , Pump (driven by P.T.O. lever in cab) 5,00 litre water tank, flashing light and siren. The Siren proved very popular with a recent visit by a group of children . (see photo) Bill still needs to find a ladder. And some suction hoses that are used for pumping water from creeks or rivers   (update) (HOSES SINCE FOUND)

1971 F250 Fire Engine  This ford is powered by a  Canadian Six Motor and has done around 16,600 Miles





1964 Ford Fairlane 500


1964 Fairlane 500

Bruce and Cheryl have two more Ford of similar vintage at Daisydell Farm (I love that name) but this is the one that has been using up the time lately. I suspect the other two will soak up some future hours..ford

This … 500 was purchased this colour, previously it had been hot rodded, it also had a nasty ding in the wing, but Bruce has been gradually restoring it to the way it was meant to be, but I suspect it may well stay pink, It looks good.

Under the bonnet is a 289 V8, with an automatic three speed gearbox. It is an Australian assembled 500 and manages around 23 miles per gallon


1968 Ford Mustang California


1. Owned by Mike Penrose Gladstone

Looking spectacular at the recent ‘Unique   car  show” , Gladstone Nov 2002.  Was Mike     Penrose’s “Cobalt ‘ coloured Mustang.  351
Cleveland Toploader 9” Wheels;  American Racing Torque Thrust. Mike is still finishing some recent work, in the last few months he has painted, fitted the new wheels, re done the upholstery, trims, etc renewed the Brakes  etc.  They do not look this good                                                                                                       without a lot of attention                                                                                       3


1914 Model ‘T’ Ford

picture1Owned by Gordon and Dellis Whittakers

This was thhenrye car  that promised  The World  A future with a car for every home.

The  Model T Ford was built  from 1908 until  1927 It was  affordable. .  every other  shortcoming was ignored.   It was the simplest design.  This car placed motoring into the hands of the working man, and the working man has up to this point held  motoring and ownership of a car firmly  in his grasp.     Well Done Henry Ford..


1958 Ford Zephyr Six

picture11958 Ford Zephyr Six owned by Ken Whittaker


Ken bought the Zephyr locally on 8/8/1990, it was fully registered but it was sold to him as an unregistered vehicle, but that caused no problems . Two tyres , a quick repair to one of the shockies and some tramp rod bushes and she was ready to pass the roadworthy.

The body is still in original condition, the motor and gearbox is out of a mark 3, ( a more powerful motor) . This takes it up from 86 B.H.P. to 113 B.H.P. and gives it a four speed gear box. The only other difference from the original are a set of mag wheels and the grille from a Zodiac. But that is enough to change its appearance from a standard mark 2

Ken has recently added a Zephyr Wagon to his collection, it was in a pretty unloved state when last seen but it will be getting some attention soon.

Hopefully it will be here soon.

This Photo was Taken by Bill Swindells at the Calliope market, The Clyde hotel is in the background.