1963 Ford Compact Fairlane

‘ RED FRED ‘ Owned by Bruce and Cheryl Gibson     See also 64 Compact

The 1963 Ford Compact Fairlane . Sometime with joint membership, you come across a  His’ and ‘Hers’ situation. I think this is the first time  I have ever come across a ‘HERS’ and ‘ OURS ‘. I innocently asked Cheryl where Bruce was because I wanted to get some details  on the 62 Compact as I had  missed the last Club outing and had not managed to get a photo  of it. Cheryl gave me a bit  of a lopsided look. “what details do you want  ?”  she asked, ” Its not Bruce’s Car.  Its Mine!”

RED FRED “This one is Mine” says Sheryl

“Right” I said,  “so the ‘pink’ one is Bruce’s and the red one is yours” .

As I said ‘pink’ I distinctly  remembered someone asking me to correct the page on the web-site, because the car was not pink. . I distinctly remember not doing it; not so distinct was the correct name of the colour, but I am a little colour blind so I expect to get forgiven….

“the Red one is mine, and the 1964 is ours” Sheryl said.. . . . I had to grin when Cheryl said that, ” I will write that down ” I said, “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is ours,”

“I know you will” she can be a bit Cheeky that Cheryl ” you had better write down that it has a 289 Windsor motor, but we are looking for an original 260 motor for it, a lot of 260 motors were replaced with 289s but I would like to have the car as original as possible.  I told her that I would post a message on the web-site in case somebody out there had one and then I asked ” that’s a V8″

“yes, and it has a three speed auto, but the original 260 had a two  speed” Sheryl then started to tell me about the Ford  Compacts history and I forgot to take notes,  If I recall what she told me correctly the 62, 63, and 64 Compact Fairlanes were  Canadian models that Ford Imported and assembled  in Australia. I did recall

Sheryl intends to replace the mag wheels with original wheels, she is going to get white wall tyres, she will re-upholster the seats, that she has accumulated a bit of literature on the compacts. . and that she knows a lot more about Ford Fairlanes than I do, So I made a note of Cheryl and Bruce’s email address  and I shall forward a few of the tricky questions that get emailed to the club web-site.

Between the Sheryl and Bruce they now own a  62, 63, and 64 compact. To my reckoning that makes a complete set ! I did own a 59 fairlane 500 for a few years and it is not hard to understand why she loves them.

“This one is ours” says Sheryl

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