Quick Coving 2

Coving the corners  For D.I.Y.  Lay your own sheet  Sheet Vinyl

FIRST UP Glue the cove fillet


This fillet coving creats a nice even curve that the sheet vinyl can follow.

NOTE The sheet vinyl should be laid leaving at minimum

4 inches up the walls Any wall areas not being coved (ie toilet bowls , cupbords that reach floor level etc) (should be cut in as described in previous pages

These silver metal corners cover a sheet of vinyl inside the corner. They cover up possible problems at the corners of your room. These are an excellent repair solution. They are approximately 6 inches high, and they cover the corner from floor height up to 6 inches if necessary. (most coving is around the 4 inch mark.

The bottom portion is contoured to the shape of a standard cove. They are easily trimmed to a shorter height using a pair of snips. They can adhere to vinyl, linoleum, or sheet goods using a hot glue gun.

Net weight: 1/4 oz. Per corner.

Image above is a typical Hot Mrelt glue gun. gun with glus stick can be found at your local hardwear store. These are not expensive. not messy, handy to have in your tool box. these guns save a lot of messy glue problems.

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