About Coving Up Walls

Coving the corners For D.I.Y. Lay your own sheet Sheet Vinyl


FIRST UP Glue the cove fillet

A Cove fillet is a curved piece that allows you to make a gentle curve between the floor and the wall. It looks like this (Image left)

It comes in small rolls. Most floorcovering and many hardware shops will have these rolls in stock.

The Fillet cove should be ‘contacted’ (contact adhesive -Type of glue) to the base of the wall and floor.

I always put my contact into a plastic bottle with a nozzle. The perfect item for storing and applying contact is an empty sauce bottle.

It is the perfect applicator, Knock it over, and it does not spill

A small piece of carpet is the perfect applicator. I have never used a paintbrush (there is no point in buying something you will throw away if you stop using it for half an hour).

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